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Our Mission

Safe Harbor Sober Living provides a safe and sober home for men and women 18+ who have completed a treatment program and are looking to transition back to their families or to independent living. We will provide a drug/alcohol-free home which is 12-step program based with our residents being engaged in a program of recovery. We will offer support, tools and experience to give our clients the best chance at recovery as well as a new and purposeful life.

Our Story

In June of 2008, Mike Kibler and Jimmy Rauch met at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Mike got clean and sober on February 14th of that year and Jimmy had gotten sober on August 14th of 2006. Their friendship began as they saw each other regularly at meetings. Their love for recovery, their activity in the fellowship and their interest in sports led them to spend time together and get to know each other.
As they progressed in their recovery, they began to go to rehabs, treatment centers, jails and sober living houses to share their experience. In early 2015, Mike and Jimmy were talking about some of the sober living they had been to and decided it would be a great idea to open a sober living house which was not only affordable for men in early recovery and a place that they would want to live, but also a structured environment which offers clients the best chance at a successful recovery.
In April of 2015, Mike and Jimmy opened the first Safe Harbor Sober Living house in Mesa, Arizona . In November of 2015, the second Safe Harbor house was opened in Chandler, Arizona and it was evident that a female house with the same ideas and values was needed so Safe Harbor for women was opened in the Dobson Ranch area of Mesa, Arizona in January of 2016. As the Safe Harbor reputation grew and the relationships with the local treatment centers were forged, a need for more beds became apparent so the fourth, fifth and sixth houses were opened in Mesa, Arizona.

As of today, we have five male houses and one female house and an impeccable reputation within the recovery community.

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Our Founders

The universal love of helping others get back on their feet and recover is what brought these 2 together to form a partnership. It's a human thing.

Jimmy Rauch

 Co Founder

Jimmy Rauch was born in Philadelphia, PA and has been in the Phoenix area since 1989. He has 25+ years background in industrial sales and management. He has been clean and sober since August 14, 2006 and is a very active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. In April of 2015, Jimmy and Mike Kibler got together and opened the first Safe Harbor Sober Living house in Mesa, Arizona. In less than two years, Safe Harbor has flourished and grown to five houses. Jimmy has remained very involved in matching clients with sober living opportunities as well as the day-to-day operations. On August 29, 2016, Jimmy left the industrial sales industry and has been focusing his energy to his recovery, being of service to others and the operations of Safe Harbor Sober Living.

Michael Kibler

Co Founder

Something changed in Mike February 14, 2008, he was given the gift of desperation and through treatment became sober and has stayed sober.  Since getting sober Mike has had a great passion for helping others to have a life of sobriety and the amazing gifts that come with it. He has reached out his hand to help other men to find a new way of life.  To this day some of those men have years of sobriety.  He had a dream of being able to extend his hand even more by opening sober living houses so he could provide a structured environment for men and women who want to live a sober life, he just opened his fifth house with great success.  Since partnering up with Jimmy and knowing he has the same passion, it’s been a great success for the men and women in his houses that need further help.  Mike’s heart in life is to give back to others what he so freely received.

How to Reserve your Spot...

Jim and Mike understand the challenge and have created an extensive team of experienced staff to assist you every step of the way.  Make the steps to coming home to Safe Harbor.