Safe Harbor provides the answers you need...

How does a Sober Living facility work? Who do I live with?

We carefully listen to your needs and fix a facility that best fits your personality with the roommates like you.  All facilities are same sex facilities.

What type of lodging area do I get?

All facilities will have access to community areas and a shared sleeping space with areas to keep personal belongings.

What is the typical cost of a bed at these facilities?

We want to make it affordable as possible so that you can focus on more important needs.  Beds start at $150 (US) a week and will be based off of room occupancy and location.

Do you take insurance?

We currently do not take insurance for Lodging and Bedding Costs.

Is Food or Beverage Provided?

Each client is responsible to provide own food and beverage.

Can I have access to my personal vehicle?

Yes, vehicles are allowed onsite as long as they have proper tags, registration, and licenses. Management is not responsible for vehicles that are parked onsite.

Will I be drug tested?

To ensure that we keep a safe environment for all clients, you can expect to be tested randomly.